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Structural & Feature Timbers


Big is truly beautiful and the look that can be created by using oversized timber is sensational. It is amazing what is available and what you can create with imagination.


North Eden Timber specialise in sourcing the best of the best when it comes to durable large-end section timbers.


Ironbark from Queensland, tallowwood and spotted gum from northern NSW and much more.


End sections up to 400mm x 400mm and lengths up to 12 metres are commonly sourced.


We advise talking to one our consultants before the design stage and then working with what can be sourced within your timeframe - seasonal availability does vary so it's best to get in early to avoid disappointment.




Blackbutt bearers
Big Posts - Qld Ironbark
Big Posts - Qld Ironbark
Queensland Ironbark
300x300 Ironbark 10mtrs long
Big posts Tallowwood
Big Posts - Tallowwood 250x250mm
Blackbutt Posts
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