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Caring for Timber Floors

Timber floors are timeless & elegant. But how to care for them and keep them looking good for decades?

Here's our top tips:

1: Go Easy On The Cleaning

For day to day use, you only need to sweep or vacuum the floor. Most marks can be wiped off with a damp cloth or with mild detergent. Give the floor a general clean only when it needs it and use a well wrung, damp cloth or mop. Avoid using oil-based or wax cleaners on your floor. They make the surface slippery and harder to clean.

2: Stop Dirt at the Door

Dirt is the enemy as it scratches away at the coating. Keep a door mat at entry points and you will avoid bringing in water, dust or dirt. A textile mat inside the door provides extra protection.

3: Protect High-Traffic Areas

Place a rug on the areas of the floor that takes the most wear, such as in a hallway, entrance or under a work desk.

4: Use Pads Under Furniture

Eliminate unnecessary marks and scratches by using self-adhesive felt pads available from most hardware stores. They can be cut to size and are easy to attach.

5: Don't Use Too Much Water

Make sure your mop or cleaning cloth is well wrung out. Don't wet mop the floor as it is unnecessary and can damage the timber. Repair persistent leaks from sinks or dishwashers, immediately. Timber is fairly resilient, but wipe away spills & dry up as quick as possible.

6: Use Blinds, Curtains or Tinting

If your room receives full sun it's wise to use blinds, curtains or tinting to minimise discolouration or darkening that may appear over time. Re-arranging furniture & rugs every now and then is also a good practice.

7: Avoid Indentations

Stiletto heeled shoes are the number one culprit, and second is moving furniture (without pads) by sliding which can created scratches & gouges, so be aware of both these issues.

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