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Timber Profile - Silvertop Ash

Eucalyptus sieberi syn. E. sieberana. Family: Myrtaceae Often referred to as 'Coast Ash', due to growing along the cooler coastal regions of the east coast, Silvertop Ash is a large, moderately durable Australian hardwood that grows in the southern and central coast and tablelands of New South Wales, eastern Victoria and north eastern Tasmania. It is also known by the common name of 'Ironbark' in Tasmania.

A tall tree to 45 m with hard, deeply furrowed black to dark grey bark which covers the trunk, and contrasting smooth-barked branches above.

The sapwood is light brown in colour and not distinct from the heartwood which is pale brown with occasional gum veins and flecks, sometimes with a pinkish tint.

The texture is moderately open, with growth rings sometimes visible and grain sometimes interlocked. Vessels are medium to small, solitary, tylosed, with vessel lines conspicuous. Fine rays are visible as darker flecks on radial surfaces. Durability above-ground is Class 2 with life expectancy 15 to 40 years and durability in-ground is Class 3 - life with expectancy 5 to 15 years. Rated hard (2 on a 6 class scale) in relation to indentation and ease of working with hand tools, Silvertop Ash also machines well.

Silvertop Ash readily accepts paint, stain and polish and is another species that provides good fire resistance.

One of seven hardwood timber species that was found to be suitable by the Building Commission in Victoria for home construction in bushfire areas (provided it has a thickness greater than 18 mm).

It is mainly used for general construction, but is also used for flooring, handles, joinery, fence posts, cases and chemical pulp. Suitable for steam bending, Silvertop Ash is useful for furniture, high-end joinery and creative crafting. It is also woodchipped for paper production and shingles. A tough, moderately durable timber, Silvertop Ash is reasonably easy to work with and readily available in NSW.


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